Meet Jami

Hi, I’m Jami and I hope to meet you soon. I have led a very adventurous life and as a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance; Baptiste Institute), and Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM), my goal is to help you live the healthiest path for your life and needs. Regardless of age or experience, a life of exercise and nutrition has a world of benefits that cannot be ignored. We are all different and have different needs. My goal is to understand your needs and work with you to create a path that helps you enjoy your life to the fullest.

Whether that means learning to stretch and become more limber, or rebuilding stabilizing muscles and working towards better balance and posture, or shrinking our stubborn bellies to ward off a number of health risks, or realizing we need to increase stability and strength to avoid injury as we age, or increasing strength and stamina so we can go the extra mile, or understanding nutrition and its’ role and impact on our bodies, or whatever your health & fitness needs are, I want to help you achieve them. I also have my Master’s degree in Counseling which helps to confront and break through barriers.

I have decades of experiences that include being a student and teacher of yoga, aerobic exercise, classroom fitness, weightlifting, power-lifting, and as many outdoor activities as one can think of for more than 25 years. Though some of my interests have come and gone, I have always continued living a life of mindfulness & wellness, adapting as life changes me, and working to maintain my health. I spent a large portion of my career working with others who struggled with some of life’s harshest difficulties in America’s most beautiful wilderness environments; we become what we surround ourselves with. We are naturally adaptable. Now, as life has wonderfully altered my course once again, I have new plans and I hope that involves working with you.

I provide personal training in the private space of your home, my home, a studio, or in a public space if you prefer. I have the equipment, experience and know-how. I just need you.

Ready when you are!


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